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Beth's Boys by TheStalkerific Beth's Boys by TheStalkerific
~~TDA Feelings~~
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where's Cody?
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he went to buy a cake
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Beth: The definition of a female pimp
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Lol, Justin's sniffing her feet xD
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Bethj flys out of window and dances party rock anthem
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Cool. Who knew this nerdy girl is very attractive to men.
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Very nice artwork and also I love the nefarious empress look Beth has on her! :)

While I do love seeing artworks of Beth like this (and also other more kinky/devious stuff as well concerning Beth) as far as for DA fanart however wasn't a big fan when they were doing it on the show somewhat with Beth's character in the past on TDA (now that they DID do that I'm fine if they make Beth more kinky and open in order to make Beth her own character but still there are limits and things to be done or not done when doing so plus other things needing to be done to have a better setup/structure for the actions without hurting her and others).

I wrote that I am/was planning to write a huge comment on the handling of Beth and her interactions/behavior that gave me much worry and concern about her characterization but there are days I feel i can write 100 pages wrote of stuff and there are days I don't want to write anything and today is more on the less than more. But if I don't post it will nag at me for some time so I'll either give a more basic non in-depth outlook to me feelings and thoughts about Beth and her TDA romantic interactions and writers folly or just located and Copy and Paste stuff I have wrote in the past on others artworks and stuff and combo them together. I'm not planning on post my feelings on the Justin/Beth stuff as my comment on your "Final 4" picture handles that somewhat already.

A practice Chapter Index so people can use the Ctrl+F key and put in the word found between the ( & ) symbols to help people should they lose placement or want to skip some things quickly :
Beth and Harold and Courtney as well and also the two TDA episodes (the Martial Arts and Space) and my feelings and ideas and what ifs : (HAROLDBETHCOURTNEY)
A very short titbit about Cody and Beth as far as shipping goes: (CODYBETH)

(This following was past comments about Brady and Beth grouped together and copy and pasted here so in it some stuff and/or views/ideas/thoughts and feelings might be written at more than once or might be slightly confusing but hopeful that won't be the case).


Personally I don't care about shipping in tales and overall series as other people do as shipping caused many time people hating others just because they threaten their want of ships or other factor that can hurt the fandom, characters and the very shipping being supported or not. I do care about the characters in a more personal form of use and how they are written and the interactions many it be shipping, friendship, conflict or whatever that can affect characterization and others hopefully in a positive way like character growth/development NOT derailment and jerkiness (which most has had happen to almost them all). Yeah if I make a stricter and really think about Shipping Meme as far as the BradyXBeth goes I would put a blue line... and a red line and explain in detail why. When looking at characters and many topics and such one of them being shipping I don't just look at how they are or were now but also how they might be if done in the future and whom to me right now could be in the realm of possibilities and potential driven to a better course/path if handled right from the moment of possible set up, to the setup, during, and beyond!

Now TD has brought up much ideas, imaginations, topics, and emotions from me and has made me very passionate about the characters however not in the way a show probably should. The emotions are usually: disappointment, regret, sadness, and anger.

Now I wrote allot in the past about many characters and how they have been used, how I wished they were used, and how I can still see ways they could be used hopefully for the better. The topic of Brady and Beth is among them.

Important to note: I hate the instant (Note: I HATE this word mainly if deadly with characters and storytelling writings and this dreaded word will appear often sadly for TDA) boyfriend subplot (and a couple of other things in almost every episode on TDA minus the second to last episode which to me was one of not only the better of TDA but also one of the better usage of Beth). The Instant Brady, its handling, and thoughts on it from what I seen during the episodes and before and the problems anything !instant! can give) before going over this one major problem (Leisure Suit Larry with a relationship) that hurts her. Furthermore with the whole Brady subplot running joke coming from nowhere and not being introduced to him or seeing the relationship/love setup to boyfriend/girlfriend status as viewers we don't care about Brady or the relationship Beth has with him as we can't connect to him or her relationship (I know it was to make us wonder and guess if it was real or not but overall in the long run of caring for characters we don't have much interest in it due to not being giving a reason to be very invested with the relationship and forget it very quickly as well).

Beth is a nice girl and has more potential but the writers I think are doing a horrid job on her for the sake of bad jokes. The Brady ("I have a boyfriend") thing came instant out of the blue and I personally believe it was a stunt on the writers trying a running gag with Beth that was destructive and horrible to Beth's character. In the beginning based on what I saw I feel half of the writers planed Brady to be not real but just some joke they added in while the others wanted to support Brady's existence. In the end they wrote themselves into a bad corner and since Beth (whom being a nice girl (or at least should be with some faults to keep her away from sue-doom)) isn't a lair Brady in the end had to be real but thus offer major computations. Overall the Brady thing was suppose to be a joke but the writers failed as it wasn't funny and such jokes (some might help the characters or plots while some do nothing on any accounts but this one was a destructive joke that they didn't think about future compactions) hurt Beth. My belief is that the writers need to take her (and everybody else as she isn't the only one who was hurt by bad writing in hope of jokes and such) more seriously and her actions and past seriously. They are trying to have a comic relief character but even joke characters have to be played seriously but Beth is instead not. I like her and I like that she is (intended to be) a nice girl and for the most part has good personality (particular in TDI which I get the feeling they knew what they were doing for the most part and plans for the season) but the way they handle her is appalling to me.

She wasn't the only one hurt with this poor subplot joke. I'm not found of rudeness (even if you a using rudeness to counterattacked rudeness as like fighting fire with fire you just get a bigger flame that burns all). This rudeness will become more important later but when Beth brought up her instant (that word just makes my blood boil) Boyfriend thinking in terms of perspective and how I might handle myself as a competitor and person if I was there in the beginning I would just leave it alone not try to counter it or you can come off rude or not let it die by putting wood to the flame. That episode while I found Beth annoying for constantly bringing it up she was also self defending herself at the same time which I couldn't hold against her so I dislike how the others just fueled it. In the ends that gag was bad for everybody and the episode itself (and the writers failed to see this).

Let's do some role-playing:
Insert yourself sitting down watching this happen from a small distance as a player and view it again this time as the person being commented to while you are in a off camera/unknown about relationship. Here the characters come...
"How can YOU have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
You having a boyfriend/girlfriend? HA!
No we could NEVER think YOU could be dating." and ect...

Attacks don't just come in physical form but can be even more hurtful in vocal abuse and attacks. As humans we are conditioned to not just defend against attacks but go on the offensive. Every denial said (and adding stealth insults while doing so) just makes things go worse as the need to counter and prove becomes more driven. These attacks was not just on her truthfulness of relationship but the possibility that she could even be in a relationship at all in her life due to factors they all were indicating thus attacks on her, her honor, and overall being.

Where this joke fails ultimately when everything is counted is in realism. Now on this show realism is not considered at all in the shows making (which is OK in short terms but bad in long and horrible overall in plots and jokes). Many professional experienced comedians as been said that jokes/humor at its core and best when played with realism and bounces and analogizes it. With no realism in the joke at all it falls flat and failure. Now I'm not a comedian and I'm not a guy who can make jokes (as said "dying is easy, comedy is hard") but to even give some more realism into the argument Beth has more time would have been needed for the boyfriend comments to have weight behind them. Now on this show if it's not on camera than it couldn't happen (or no advancements can happen if not on camera or you’re backstage).
For example season 5 started and both Gwen and Courtney trying to kill each other as expected from what we seen thanks to season 3 and both are removed early in season 5. Then near the end of season 5 when we see the voted off contestants again Gwen and Courtney are friends again. One of the characters then asks "What happen?! I thought you two are enemies?" Their response is: "Off set we talk and made peace." That can't happen on the show!
The reason why is while it possible in real life as far as this show goes their characters CAN'T : get stronger, become more independent, setup friendships and conflicts, settle plots, and so on all while off-screen. As soon as they are not on air they might as well be in time capsules frozen (even though by today's multimedia you have many ways to tell a tale such as: fake: cannon character blogs, twitter accounts, facebook, websites, website video games, and youtube short videos all outside the TV spotlight but still available to give information).
Back to Beth she technically only had TWO DAYS to meet Brady (while getting her braces off) and develop a relationship (in movies that might happen but in real life that is a big stretch). Also Beth was crushing on Justin (though so was many others already in a relationship) and base on her past and profile personality that seemed strange to have a boyfriend yet still be that open. Putting all this together that need realism to give some small validation was not there. Past actions and relationships has been seen before thus alignment but these new facts and info (the boyfriend) was just instantly spilled out of nowhere with little to no setup. The writers must of understood somewhat the problem as they had Leshawna comment to Beth about hitting on Justin while having a boyfriend and the best the writers could think up was: "Justin's a supermodel"?! I felt that the caring for characters wasn't there when they was writing this season.

What in the world made the writers write such things? As I wrote it could be simply for a running joke gone horribly wrong and hurt Beth and those around her. Another theory I read in a form was that Justin was suppose to be the main antagonist and Beth had a huger plot/arc and settings being prepared for her but Justin due to poor planning the writers made him to lazy or/and vain worried to be a effective antagonist and had to be aborted the arc and send in Courtney to replace him. With the Justin arc abandoned so was Beth's main drive/arc and setup and they had to quickly make a new thing to keep her character occupied in some form. Thus the Brady subplot/jokes which everybody felt were very poor.

I see so much more potential and possibilities in her thus my interest in her and I want her to have better plots, interactions, and development than what has happened on TDA (TDA isn't seen as very good for particularly any of the characters derailing most of them and poor writing and jokes). Now the pole thing on TDWT Aftermath one comment again I believe they wanted to use Beth as a joke (which it was more funny than her other things they used her for but still questionable). They can say she was playing around in joking fashion but the people (creators/writers) need to treat her much better and remember continuity and more serous treatment. If they did Beth could gain a huge fanbase and really shine high and be loved by more people and respect (plus have some more things on TVtropes "Crowning moment of..." other than wallbanger. She has some skills and is intelligent and has grown stronger from her past and isn't taking abuse from others in the past so they need to up her in her development and "take a level in badass" and everybody treating her with more seriousness (same goes for some others). Based on her past and what I've seen and read she can become anything if done right and reasoning.

The biggest reason why TDA is greatly disliked is due to taking characters and derailing them and making them act OOC or over the top and the consistency was sketchy with no thought in canon and seriousness and in the end if you didn't watch TDA then when watch TDWT the ONLY thing you needed to know was that Gwen and Trent is no longer a couple and maybe that Beth has a boyfriend who isn't a player on the game named Brady if they do anything with him also just to keep that in mind when handling Beth herself. TDA hurt EVERYONE and hurt their characterization just for bad, hazardous, not thought well into jokes that are the reason it is greatly disliked the most I think. Her crushing on Justin was fine with me and I wave-off (somewhat) as EVERYBODY on his team (remember even Lindsay (who loves Tyler was crushing on Justin plus was making moves on Trent in the TDI canoe episode)) was doing so but that whole Harold sudden crush on fiasco (and I like these two and I see myself in these two (his abuse from bullying and his honor and Beth trying to be kind but other try to use plus when done well by the writers I see myself in her and they as well as many are among the people I have crack couple on but even so every couple and start needs to be HANDLED well and in character/canon with reasons and logic for all actions) was again just used without thinking how it was destructive to Beth (and Harold based on his behavior and manners taking a big negative turn out of the blue for me) and wasn't funny but that is why the writers put it in as it wasn't for serous drama but humor they thought they could wave off :(.

Now the whole Beth being a female "Leisure Suit Larry" and the problem with it. I wouldn't have a problem with her hit on everyone (such as: Justin, Harold, and even including the pole from TDWT Aftermath one) IF she didn't have a boyfriend!
I would have liked to see Beth in a serious relationship rather than throwing her around INSTANTLY (when this horrible word (Instant) as far as story telling goes pops up it's not usually good) with the Harold thing (her liking Harold as a friend and seeing and relating to him based on actions a treatment she got in the past and her hometown (it puts that she wants to be part of the crowd and tries but is denied plus in a confession on TDA when mentioning her doubts (and rightfully so) of the "Courtney alliance" she states she was tricked into doing others homework with hopes of acceptance and in the end betrayal and then said "NEVER AGAIN!") making her understanding him would of been a far better and sweeter and MORE in character (people posted before the episode that Beth showed to have at least some common sense in the series for the most part and was also so when a picture was leaked that Harold and Beth kissing it just boggled everybody as her disloyalty seemed very OOC plus very sudden (!instant!)) thing for her as she seems to stand up for her friends (like she did for Bridgette in Aftermath one of TDWT) which I loved and felt was more loyal to her character than majority of TDA but I don't see in her character being disloyal (I could see her be a somewhat of a "Leisure Suit Larry" and be funny yet still nice and acceptable IF she WASN'T in a relationship (there are many Leisure Suit Larry characters on TV and movies with mix results based on personality and such but the ones that work usually don't have a serous relationship and when they do if based on there personality if they are nice/kind/or many other positive attributes they usually are loyal to the relationship till they are no longer in it than they might return to the Leisure Suit Larry routine) and become but do to trying to be funny they put her in one thus now they must understand the fault and try to fix it and her instead of denying it and not bringing it up as that invisible spiritual boulder of shame and overall bad will be on her (and EVERYONE on the show if not the show itself has some sort of a shameful bad plot writing/derailing characters boulder that needs to be acknowledged before it can be fixed and removed))).

Well I would love Beth/Brady to have a story (anything Brady wise is nonexistent right now plus I would love if Brady to not just show up on the show but be a contestant (and I'm not big on adding more main characters to an already huge cast (26 characters with mixed usage and stereotypes plus Chris and Chef) that is already to crowded for some characters to have time to shine) to: show how the relationship works between the two (plus relationships helps characters gain more attention and fanbase help if done right(hopefully not like Geoff and Bridgette from TDA)), for the WRITERS (and overall people) to remember Brady, and get an understanding of his character (whom I hope the series will look into his character and the relationship to give us a good understanding on how it works without overfeeding on the relationship like some others had on the show). Also with Brady around with both Brady and Beth they can bring up (or be called out) and deal the massive fault from before on TDA and have Beth apologize and give some patching to Beth while showing the love of Beth and Brady making them a strong sweet couple.
I'll write again if they needed to add a new character to the series (with an already very large cast at 26) I rather give Brady a shot as he was already introduce instead of making somebody new. Doing so would be a big waste as at least having past cast characters who didn't do much, overshadowed, derailed, or was boring and/or wasted could of been used that season to improve them and develop for that season (as sitting on the side lines doesn't give limelight nor development time for anybody unless the fans felt the character(s) was used to many times and needed a break for a short while (and there are some as seem from memes)). I would rather have my top 10-15 disliked characters used again as the cast competing then a new cast as then that season maybe half of the characters I'm not fond of might then would have a season to well written changed (not OC but setup the steps in developing well into a better position) and be moving away from my dislike to fighting into my high likes. (Now with TD "Revenge of the island" the added 12 it comes to a cast of 37! How can you properly give limelight and development in a timely manner to a cast of 37 (I don't know the new characters to say I like them or not but I HATE the high number that will cause problems time wise for many leaving many in the dust)).

Beth: (I see so much possibilities and potential in her for more than what's been shown from her limited time (granted she has more time then some others but far less then the other half that has taken to much time stealing the spotlight over and over again) and she is kind (yet among the many greatly misused by the writers in my option) yet people bash her because of reasons such as she doesn't look like a model or hate her being nice among other reasons (many illogical) that upsets me and sadden me) however thanks to TDA there are a few I can understand and accept (and usually comes from derailments of character thanks to the writers). Any other faults I read people post about her outside of looks and voice (which I feel would be best for Beth if they took her voice and just made it a bit deeper (and people growing up do have there voice change slightly from age) so it's not to high and squeaky which to me also happened since on TDA) however any other reasons I read are more understandable (though most also makes me sad as it usually faults I found in the writers over the possibilities she could of been).

Brady: Beth's REAL boyfriend (whom I was reading posts of people bashing Beth in the past for "making up" the boyfriend (they now seem to be silent about that ;) ) plus it was a positive moving scene to see he was real) and the bad running gag that was at fault with the writers not the character). He seems to have disappeared yet again and I would like it if he became a contestant (or least interacted with others in the cast) to showcase his character plus give an understanding to how the strong romance between Beth and Brady works among other things (plus it might help his lack of fanart and fanfiction of him and Beth as it appears people and maybe the writers are forgetting he exists and they made him). When Beth first mentions him it was too out of the blue to fit and just was disastrous and also not very good structuring or reason to be said. Then afterward any other time just felt like the writers were keeping a bad running gag trying to make it somehow work but couldn't and went against Beth as a whole, was sometimes flimsy that maybe half of the staff was planning to exist while the other half was more solid and made him real thus internal problem with TD production maybe in the character and attempted humor. Further Beth after the first mentioning of him the equally bad if not worse and lacking of empathy and helped dragged the topic responses from the cast most who should of said nothing a let it go away instead of putting fuel to this bad fire was also beyond horrible as any mention now from Beth felt like less trying to have the others believe in Brady's existence but more of an defensive counter to her own honor and being and ability to even be in a relationship because she is Beth (which could of also fueled her own need to be beloved on camera as to show she could be which might of fuel the Leisure suit tendencies). Particularly anything Brady seems to be forgotten by the masses and the writers sadly and usually (aka off camera relationships don't go well on TV shows almost like distance dating as we are distanced from the connection and view on how it works or even from our memory))!

To me the only two positive things that came from the horrible running boyfriend Brady joke/derailment presented itself during the sports theme episode as well as the very end of the season.

After much mocking and told Beth can't have a boyfriend the verbal attacks became a rage fuel for Beth. During the Sports episode while battling Heather in battalion Beth looked unsure and probably going to lose over the mentally ready and sure Heather. Then Leshawna (who in season one I like but her month and actions plus huge pride and no tact in season two and three has hurt her character and is very upsetting) unleashed Beth with the mocking words: "you don't have a boyfriend." CUE: BERSERK BUTTON, UNLEASHED RAGE, and Pint size Power house, and Curb Stomp battle in one against Heather! Heather gets her but whooped and knocked down by a rubber bird and Beth is victorious. Leshawa then not learning a lesson from what she saw continues to say the comment again and Beth has her vengeance by showing an unpleasant (understatement) nasty video of Leshawna mocking everyone. To me the one positive is it empowered her (with anger unfortunately but Beth seemed back in control of herself for a time after winning) and that to me was awesome as Beth before then didn't have a power moment since the start of TDA (though she did help her team with the challenge in making a fake sand castle after Trent ruined the first (that !instant! nine problem :( ).
The second positive of the whole Brady thing was he was real and shows up in a final TDA episode which was sweet (which after much persuading and talk the writers made Beth give the writers had to have him show up because they "beat the dead horse" of a bad running joke to hell and so had to have a small pay off with him existing and him not showing would be a big thumbs down)."

To even further this if Brady HAD TO exist and be with Beth at THAT point in time and I mean the writers was gathered and executives went to them and said: "Instead that wonderful wise stuff you wrote for the character Beth that would make her a big beloved icon like Mickey Mouse we the executives want to remove all that and instead focus on others like: Owen, Courtney (which they also said: the Justin antagonist thing is failing or we want it to fail so we can bring in Courtney and make her a over the top and part villain constantly complaining and hurting others sue antagonist as quickly and illogically as possible like everything else on TDA this season) and so on and when you do use Beth for whatever little time leftover put her into a illogical and out of the blue instant relationship that is off-camera and mention as often as possible and have the others respond rudely! It's funny and not at all hurtful and annoying to Beth and the others! You all have two seconds to type it up so no thinking! Do it or you are all fired!" How it to me should have been setup and first mentioned.
Instead of just two days between the TDI special and TDA start episode have the characters have at least two weeks or a full month "handling personal matters and preparing for another season of TD". Now when Brady is first mentioned I think that the time period would be more supportive plus other things. The way I would have introduce it if it had to be at that monument:

Justin fearing his powers over Beth and Lindsay was fading over time the more they got to know him and Justin makes it known in a confessional his worries so he tries to woo and hypnosis Beth again to keep his alliance steady and because he thinks Beth not having any romantic connections and friendly would make her a easy target. Justin makes a move however Beth seems to push away much to his surprise. Justin comments as to why Beth seems to be distant (resisting him) and Beth responds:
"Sorry Justin but the more the game goes on and I'm with you... the more I find I'm not feeling the same way as I use to. I fact looking at the past I'm a bit worried I might of lost my head many times when I was with you. Besides you are a... ok guy but I already made a deep connection before coming here and now my mind is getting less fuzzy around you I'm remembering that. So Justin... (Beth brings up her hand to be shaken) just friends?"
(Justin frightened and not understanding how he lost a hold on Beth and his "powers" are not as effective as before (Beth as well as others becoming slowly immune to Justin charms the more they are around him like a virus) questions her recent comment) Justin: "What do you mean "already made a deep connection"?
Beth: "I'm romantically connected to another person." (The others overhear this and decide to but in. Harold looks to Lindsay thinks about their very tight bond of "friendship" becomes curious and wonders and focuses back to Beth with the rest also thinking what Harold thinking and interested in Beth's upcoming response)
Harold: Are you and Lind...?
(Beth immediately understanding where Harold is heading towards and cuts him off waving her arms) "Oh no not like that. I mean I have a boyfriend back home." (Beth believing the topic was over begins to eat her "meal" or whatever chef made and about to have whatever is on her spoon but the others are shocked what she just said).
Lesawana, Harold, Owen, Izzy, Duncan, or any other character but Beth: Boyfriend?! What's his name?
(Beth puts down her spoon) "Brady." (Lifts up her spoon) ???: "Where did you meet him?" (Puts down the spoon) "The day right after Total Drama Island I went to get my braces off and in the waiting room I saw him about to remove his own. We talked for some time and I found out he like animals so I invited him to my farm. He in return invited me to a couple of his nonprofit jobs and charities he supports and we worked together as partners. About a week before heading to this season's location we went on a "date" and became official." (Lifts up her spoon) ???: "Why haven't we heard of him before?" (Puts down the spoon) "I didn't think that anything from the outside in personal matters needed to be mentioned as it had no effect overall in this season or anybody here but myself." (Beth lifts her spoon hoping to have one bite before any more questions) ???: "What does he look like?" (Beth slightly aggravated and sighs not having a single serving yet of her meal understands she going to be asked 20 questions or more now) (Beth shown in the confessional) "Oh boy. This is why reality TV doesn’t have off-camera romances often."
(Chris comes in to announce the next game and movie genre).

(HAROLDBETHCOURTNEY) ( Ctrl + F helper Chapter locator)
Next part deals with Harold (and since majority of what will be pasted came from a Beth/Courtney topic it also is about the interactions between them and how I felt they weren't very good as well particularly in the Martial Arts and Space episode of TDA).

I didn't like (in fact I loath) how they handle the whole Harold and Beth ordeal in TDA (it was disrespectful to both characters and their characterizations and felt like they were attempting dumb humor against character growth and just didn't care about them). Harold came off as a jerk with his responses (which is different from his giving Heather a chance and a gentleman honor he had displayed before to majority of the ladies but being rude and very arrogant to Beth (because of superficial looks?)) in that poor episode and Beth seemed to temporarily lost some common sense which she has displayed before in her actions and thinking (I don't mind her crush but I feel your version of Beth is far more loyal to her than what was presented). I see them connecting due to similarities and the trails they have gone though in life for being seen as outcast thus establishing a connection (and a secret crush from Beth to Harold however being respectful and morel to her friend (who also acted like a bit of a jerk on TDA to her and the others do to cracking her ego up thus beginning of derailing of character from time) Leshawna not to go anywhere with her secret feeling keeping them held back inside herself) and having a brother/sister connection to Cody for similar reasons plus both are nice and kind thus forming a said or unsaid personal connection alliance/friendship/personal support between the three (like Camp TV (the promo prototype pilot of TDI back when the show only had 12 "campers" total) pilot had and interpretations). This would be awesome for me personally as all three are in my top five favorites and I feel a connection to Beth (who is my number one most invested in character and felt they abused and misused Beth and her characterization on TDA) and Harold and somewhat to Cody).


Lastly to quickly end this a small tidbit about the Beth/Cody. My feelings on Cody and Beth is that while I find it cute as a crack couple and seeing pictures right now on the show itself it feels more like a brother/sister connection then lovers. Both are small and seen as geeks in some form plus are undermined in value by many of their peers and the cast (plus both are a somewhat Leisure Suit Larry type as Cody sees himself as a "ladies Man and Beth for the reasons put above and in your art on top). I love the way they interacted on TDI and feel they would be great with a friendship and looking out for each other. I see them fist bumping (while wearing shades looking like the Blues Brothers looking real smooth and ready to attract (try to) the opposite (or not ;) ) sex) vs kissing (though like with Harold a earned crush on Cody but Beth not acting on it).

I'm going to stop here as this I think is enough comments for one place already. :)
Again Great work and love the art!
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This is the longest comment I've ever seen, how long did it take to type? XD
Slime-Series Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
I'll try to be short on this comment :)

A long time. It help that I'm passionate about the subject sometimes but to cut time off I also save long comments (or even short ones if I feel certain topics/stuff might pop up again), try to separate the areas of topics within the subject matter (think of it as chapters and chapter bookmarks though some stuff mixes a bit) and just cut and paste with some alterations to fit whatever the subject matter is. I'm a person of details, examples, and much more when I write. Also at the time I had time to give such long comments (not anymore due to many factors such as work, life, and unknowns). I might not post the comment quickly but type it in Microsoft Word first working on it for a week (thus the comment might take more then one day or even week before I post it).

Beth is my most passionate/invested character and I saved alot of past comments I wrote thus she has basically almost a 30 pages on her (which is way to much but I feel all the characters can be so much more and a philological and psychological study plus how small things can affect the fanbases as well).
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Beth...? O.O
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I really like this concept. Beth is a little boy magnet too. :giggle:
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Brady! Nice to see you haven't forgotten about him!
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